SAS Africa AMR Gamification Project

At Students Against Superbugs Africa, we believe that young people are a valuable and important stakeholder in the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance. They are the next generation of public healthcare professionals, future prescribers, policy makers, regulators, and many other contributors to the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance. However, above all, they have the potential to come up with critical interventions, and create mass awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance by leveraging other creativity and innovativeness.

This simple game created by our team drawn from all over the world is a great example. With no funding or technical expertise in gamification, the team set out to create an easy-to-understand game with the objective of raising awareness on Antimicrobial Resistance among secondary and tertiary level students in low- and middle-income countries.

Created using Google Slides, the game is a manifestation of the power of dedication and commitment to a particular cause. The team spent a lot of time researching, learning skills, and brainstorming on creative ways on how we could develop an informative game to educate young people about Antimicrobial Resistance.

Finally, the simple game is here with us!

Click on the link below to play it.

To our Ugandan and Nepal students

To help us evaluate the outcomes of the game in terms of creating awareness on Antimicrobial Resistance, we are conducting a brief survey among students in Uganda, and Nepal. If you happen to be a tertiary or secondary level students from any of these two countries, please use the link below to play the game:

We will really appreciate your contribution!

We hope you will enjoy! We have one kind request for you.  The simple game will only be impactful if we can share it out to as many people as possible!  We will be launching a campaign to publicize the game soon but we kindly request for your support before and after the campaign.
Support us by sharing the game with your networks and encourage them to share it with their networks too. This way we will be able to reach out to as many young people as possible! The game is FREE and open to all.

What are the next steps?

This is not the end. Now that we some experience, we will be seeking for support to develop a serious game by leveraging on the outcomes of a study we will be conducting with this simple game.
We kindly call upon any game expert, AMR expert, behavior change expert, and any other professional who would love to volunteer their expertise and engage with us in this journey. Any organization that would also love to partner/support us in the next phase of developing the serious AMR game is also invited.

Please reach out to us through our project lead, Anastacia, through:
Or email us at:
We will be glad to discuss more on how we can collaborate!
Together let us raise awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance through fun and exciting ways!

Our Team

We had a great team in the different phases of the game development. We would like to thank everyone who participated in one way or another in creation of the game! We do take your efforts for granted.
Get to know our team and all students who contributed to the development of the game!

Core Team

Most importantly, we would like to appreciate our core team: Anastacia, Kara, Nada, and Daniel for their spirit of consistency. Even when we hit a block, they did not give up but searched for ways to continue developing the game.
Get to know our team and all students who contributed to the development of the game!

Team Members

We highly appreciate our team members for their time, ideas, and efforts in helping us develop the game in the different phases they supported us in. We do not take you support for granted and are really thankful! There is power in working together.