Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Leaders’ Program for Tertiary Students in Africa

Program’s Theme:

Empowering students in Africa to be problem solvers and solution providers for the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) threat.

About the Program

This is a six-month fenced program that run from July 2021 to December 2021. The learning resources developed and delivered as well as the final report will be shared after its completion.

Young people are an important and valuable stakeholder in addressing the global health threat of AMR since they are the next generation of public health professionals; the potential future antimicrobial prescribers, users, stewards, and policymakers in their professional practice. The Africa Tertiary Students’ AMR leaders program seeks to empower tertiary students from Africa. By equipping them with the relevant skills, strengthening their capacity and offering them support, these students can lead student’s initiatives in their respective countries and empower other students to engage in AMR through the Training the Trainer (ToT) approach. The actions can be diverse such as facilitating active engagements on AMR in One Health clubs, partnering with other students to engage in research, and developing innovative solutions that can help mitigate AMR among Other Activities. The program has tertiary students from different countries and in different levels of learning.

Program’s Objectives

  1. To impart Antimicrobial Resistance knowledge to young people pursuing tertiary education and prepare them to be AMR leaders both as students and in their careers thereafter.
  2. Create a sustainable program for engaging students in Antimicrobial Resistance throughout Africa
  3. Inculcating knowledge and skills among young people that are necessary for their active and effective contribution in developing, implementing and supporting interventions on Antimicrobial Resistance prevention and control.

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