Drug Research, Discovery and Innovation Program


Supporting innovations to mitigate Antimicrobial Resistance by raising a generation of young enthusiastic and knowledgeable drug researchers and developers

About the Program

At SAS Africa, we highly acknowledge the role that students can play in drug research and development. Pegged on this recognition, the organisation this program to sensitise and educate students on the importance of drug research and discovery. Additionally, the information is to be tailored to their current student setting for effective applicability and engagement. The platform will facilitate learning, knowledge sharing and create a platform for organised mentorship. These practices will enable trickling of knowledge from the retired and practising professionals raising a generation of young researchers who are highly motivated to engage in drug development research activities at the student level or after transitioning to their professional status.

The program has two phases:

Phase 1

Drug Research, Discovery and Innovation Webinar Series.

Period of implementation: September – December 2021.

Phase 2

A 5-month fenced program on Drug Research, Discovery, and Innovation.

Period of Implementation: January – May, 2021.

Objectives of the program

  1. Sensitising students on the vitality of antibiotic drug research and development and the economics involved at an early stage through awareness sessions that are context-specific and directly target the students.
  2. Raising a generation of young researchers who are knowledgeable on the process of drug research and development.
  3. Creating a support structure for students interested in engaging in drug research and discovery at a younger age through a mentor-mentee platform.
  4. Connecting students with institutions and centers of research where they can practically engage in drug research and discovery in attachment and internship placements.
  5. Tapping on students’ ingenuity to develop new methodologies and techniques that can fasten or bolster the antibiotic drug research and discovery processes.