Our Team

We are privileged to work with many students across Africa in the implementation of Antimicrobial Resistance programs and efforts. They are all a part of our team. Here is the coordinating team that runs the day to day operations of the organization.

Our Coordinating Team

Daniel Waruingi

Co-founder & Head of Programs.

Gathai Mundia

Head of Media and Branding

Karen Ntinyari

Head of Community Engagements

Gillian Faith Kariuki

Operations Lead

Anastacia Sebbowa Nabyonga

Program Manager, Uganda.

Jimmy Nkaiwuatei

Head of Drug Research, Discovery and Innovations

Learnmore Edwin Zvada

Head of Knowledge and Talent Development

Wanjiru Mwangi

Head of Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Tonny Kibiwott

Website Designer / Developer