Talk About Bugs Project

Program’s Theme:

Education is key to empowering people to act against the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Our “Talk about bugs” communications campaign aims to promote health equity by making information on AMR and the proper use of antimicrobials available to everyone.

Disparities across our African countries often prevent health information from reaching the people who need it. This is why we are targeting rural areas and informal urban settlements, where lack of access to AMR information makes it challenging to control the infections. These are places where infections can spread quickly due to limited access to safe drinking water, insufficient sanitation, and health clinics without new and effective antibiotics.

“Talk about bugs” will leverage personal stories shared through blog posts, infographics, and videos about people in our African communities who have encountered health issues related to AMR. These stories will empower people to take positive actions.

The Story of Mary

We can learn from Mary who had a resistant urinary tract infection. Realizing the power inherent in human stories, Mary openly shared her own story. Mary’s terrifying experience with this hard-to-treat infection spurred her African neighbors to take action against AMR. They shared their own experiences with hard-to-treat diseases. These stories became a call to action, which fostered empathy, raised awareness, and inspired the community to take proactive anti-AMR measures. Individuals played a critical part in decreasing the spread of AMR infections by amplifying their voices, reminding us all of the transformative potentials of sharing our stories.

Have you heard of an experience with an infection that was very difficult to treat? If so, please reach out to us at

Your story is powerful and will go a long way in giving courage to others to share their story, averting the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance, and preventing many from suffering from drug-resistant infections.