The dangers of a post-antibiotic era; why do we need to act NOW?


Have you ever imagined how the world would be if all antibiotics lost their effectiveness? This is the description of the dreaded post-antibiotic era. In episode 3 of “Know Something about AMR,” we educate you about the dangers of a post-antibiotic era and why we need to act NOW. We begin by narrating about the pre-antibiotic era. We transition gradually to the discovery of antibiotics and showcase how they have been critical in our healthy wellbeing. After that, we share some of the key precipitators of Antibiotic Resistance and the danger of the post-antibiotic era.

Watch the video here:

We hope you will recognize the importance of creating awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance and using antibiotics rationally by the end of the video. Please share with your colleagues too.

The “Know Something about AMR” video series is a joint project by Students Against Superbugs Africa and Planet Wizard Africa.

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