Webinar Series: Essential Skills for AMR Champions as part of experiential learning – Problem Framing, Research Designs, and Data Analysis

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Research is a critical component for Antimicrobial Resistance mitigation. Are you a tertiary level student or an early career professional? How do you correctly identify a problem and decide on the most appropriate design to your in your research? What are the essential tools for data analysis and which skills due you need to pursue depending on your interest area?

Join us in our ongoing FREE webinar series and let us learn together.

To attend the session, kindly register through the link below:


In preparation for the session, please fill the pre-webinar survey through the link shared below:


The webinar series is collaborative effort with React Africa and Data Action Impact

Details about our Guest speaker: Dr. Rabia Khan who is the Founder and CEO of Data Action Impact. Dr. Rabia has  20 years of experience working in both government and not-for-profit sectors solving complex health problems. 

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