Our New Antimicrobial Resistance Documentary: The Ravaging Silent Pandemic

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We have developed a new AMR documentary for you in collaboration with Planet Wizard Africa! Why do you need to watch it?

Antimicrobial Resistance is no longer a futuristic threat! It is here with us and destroying livelihoods.

According to a recent study on the global burden of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), AMR caused an estimated 1.27 million deaths globally more than the deaths caused by Malaria, and HIV/AIDs. From the study, Africa was the hardest hit region with over 255,000 deaths. Moreover, this could just be the tip of the iceberg due to the limited surveillance infrastructure. As such, it is upon us now to take initiative and avoid the further spread of this healthcare threat. Last year we published a study conducted in collaboration with World Animal Protection Africa showcasing the irrational use of antimicrobials in Kenya. Everyone has to be brought on board to deal with this pandemic

Watch and learn how you can help in reducing the tide of this ravaging pandemic. Please help in raising awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance by sharing the documentary.

Watch below.

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